Kiki's Assorted Ice Mold


Hate watered-down drinks? Want to impress your date with your handcrafted cocktails? Ready to host the best party in town? This is the solution for you!

Make your ice in different shapes and sizes with this product. 

Ice Sphere

Mold Dimensions: W7.7 x D7.7 x H8.0cm

Size of Ice Sphere: 6cm Sphere

Ice Cube

Mold Dimensions: W10.4 x L12 x H9.5cm

Size of Ice Cube: L5.3cm Cube

Ice Cylinder

Mold Dimensions: W6.3 x L13.2 x H6.5cm

Size of Ice Cylinder: W7.8 x L5.7 x H8.1cm Cylinder

Ice Diamond 4-in-1

Mold Dimensions: W12.4 x L12.4 x H3.8cm

Size of Ice Diamond: W5 x L5 x H3.7cm Diamond

Shapes and colours of ice molds will be randomly allocated. 

This product is currently sold out.