A day to be remembered and a gift to be appreciated by those who count. As your wedding approaches, let Kiki ease some of your worries with our thoughtfully curated wedding favours and experiences.








Want a gift that is uniquely yours? Customise Kiki's beverages inside and out! Bespoke recipes and bottle labels designed to show the happy couple and their personalities.







Clinch the best babe/bro award by gifting the bride/groom-to-be booze and delectables to welcome a new chapter of their lives. It works the other way too! If you would like to thank your best babes and bros for sticking with you through life's ups and downs, let Kiki help you create party favours worthy of celebrating life companions!






Shaking up a storm at your wedding, Kiki will work with you to curate a menu just for your big day. Prefer sweet, citrusy or aromatic flavour profiles? Tell us what you would like and our fairies will concoct special recipes for you. Make your guests feel loved and appreciated as they come together to celebrate your marriage.



Our fairies have sparkle in their hearts, our clients come back to us because we provide great service and we ensure that your gifts are delivered with care. We use quality and fresh ingredients in our products - happy bellies, happy hearts! More than that, we believe in shining brighter together. We take pride in creating memorable experiences for our clients, working closely with you every step of the way. We look forward to starting our journey with you!


Let us journey with you through one of the most significant day in your life.

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Artisanal grazing tables, canapés and buffets - delight your guests with a feast for the eyes and the palate!

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Our newest array of Gourmet boxes! Delight your loved ones this Festive Season 🎁🎁

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Check out our mixology gift sets

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Bringing cocktails to your doorstep, one bottle at a time.

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