Kiki's Odayaka Junmai Ginjo (Green Frog)


Each generation of Niida family has a letter of “穏 (Odayaka)” in his first name. It’s not “勝 (victory)”, “富 (wealth)”, “賢 (intelligence)” but “穏 (calmness)”. Wishing peaceful days, they make sake named “穏 (Odayaka)”, wishing others well make yourself peaceful.

Odayaka Junmai Ginjo Green Frog is a “relaxing” brand with a swelling of refined taste and sharpness. It uses Miyamanishiki and Gohyakumangoku, natural rice that does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. There is an image that the whole balance is a beautiful circle.

Elegant fragrance and freshness tastes like melon, juicy taste and excellent sharpness. The sake taste and fragrance are made to be modest, so it is cool and delicious. Odayaka Junmai Ginjo Green Frog is a sake that you would like to associate with for a long time as a daily companion.

ABV: 16%
SMV: +2 
Volume: 720ml

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