Kiki's Travel Anywhere Hummus Cheesebox


Kiki's x The Oyster Bank Hummus Cheesebox consists of Kiki’s x The Oyster Bank Hummus Dip, Camembert, Rosemary & Garlic Crackers, Mini Pretzels, Roasted Strawberry Glazed Walnuts, Flavoured Pretzel pieces, mini Acacia Honey, mini Strawberry Jam and a choice of your favourite cocktail (120ml) from Kiki's Air Collection.

Kiki's Air collection includes (choose 1): 

- Singapore (Coconut Pandan Gin)
- Tokyo (Raspberry Cucumber Sake) 
- Paris (Parisian Martini)
- Los Angeles (White Sangria)
- New York City (Manhattan)
- London (Earl Grey Lavender Gin)
- Venice (Campari Pineapple Gin)
- Shanghai (Peach Chamomile Gin)
- Santorini (Pear Elderflower Gin)

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