Kiki's Tenmei Homura Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai

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Tenmei Homura Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai is one of the autumn-winter sake from Akebono Brewery. It was stored and aged for about 6 months before it was released. Tenmei Homura Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai uses 100% Yume no Ka rice with a 65% polishing rate.

Looking at the back of the sake, it has a description that it is suitable to be warmed, but even if it is cooled, you can feel the transparent sweetness and smooth but firm acidity. An apple-like scent and creamy nuance like a faint cashew nut due to aging. Smooth mouthfeel and the umami that is tightly packed is moist because the mellowness is brought out by aging. The swelling and transparent sweetness are complemented by the fine acidity, expressing a refreshing sweetness. You can enjoy it cold with sharp edges and a soft texture that soaks into your tongue.

When warmed to around 40 celsius degree, the scent of vanilla rises softly. The umami swells the volume, and at the same time, the soft acid with sharp edges emphasizes the sweetness, while gently edging the outline of the taste to express vividness. It is a sweet and sour, smooth tasting, slimy kanzake.

ABV: 16%
SMV: +2.4 
Volume: 720ml 

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