Kiki's Tenmei Bange Yamada Hanjuku Nama Junmai ⭐

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This is “Tenmei Sakashita Yamada Semi-ripe Junmai sake” aka “Bangeyamada”. Local “Yamadanishiki” rice that grows and harvests in Aizu Sakashita is cultivated and used to brew Bangeyamada.

Normally, breweries will use normal “Yamadanishiki” rice to brew their sake, but instead of brewing it with normal “Yamadanishiki” rice, Bangeyamada is brewed with half-ripe “Yamadanishiki” rice, commonly known as Takashi rice. It is half-ripe because it is shipped in half of the initial aging period.

A fragrance reminiscent of fresh and sweet fruits such as white peach and refreshing citrus fruits such as grapefruits. A mellow taste, the density of umami is high, and it conveys its richness so that it sticks to the tongue. The tense acid supports the taste and expresses the freshness. The fresh fruit flavor brings a sweet atmosphere while the mouth is not sweet, and the bitterness is gently tightened to enjoy the taste of citrus fruits. Sharpness due to the mellow bitterness that flashes after drinking. A smart bittersweet finish lingers in the refreshing and clear aftertaste.

Bangeyamada is said to have become a solid Yamadanishiki sake that is comparable to those produced outside the Fukushima prefecture. Not only the refined taste, but also the balance between acidity and bitterness expresses the excellent Sakashita Yamada rice.

ABV: 16%
Flavour: +2.4
Volume: 720ml


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