Kiki's Gunma Izumi Choutokusen Junmai

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Gunma Izumi Choutokusen Junmai has an aromatic scent, you can also feel the sweetness and fragrance of the sake that has aged in parallel. A rich but balanced scent that you won’t hate. The mouthfeel is relatively mild, it is a harmonious combination of mature umami and soft, sharp acidity. It is a sake that gradually expresses its sweetness and bitterness from the back and flows down through the throat neatly.

The finish is relatively long, if you warm it, you can feel the umami element even bigger. Gunma Izumi Choutokusen Junmai is a sake that can be heated to bring out its flavour, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing drink with food. It is also recommended for dry sake lovers.

ABV: 15%
Flavour: +3
Volume: 720ml

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