Kiki's Travel Anywhere Hummus Cheesebox


Kiki's x The Oyster Bank Hummus Cheesebox consists of Kiki’s x The Oyster Bank Hummus Dip, Camembert, Crackers, Mini Pretzels, Flavoured Pretzel pieces, mini Acacia Honey, mini Strawberry Jam and a choice of your favourite cocktail (120ml) from Kiki's Air Collection.

Kiki's Air collection includes (choose 1): 

- Singapore (Coconut Pandan Gin)
- Tokyo (Raspberry Cucumber Sake) 
- Paris (Parisian Martini)
- Los Angeles (White Sangria)
- New York City (Manhattan)
- London (Earl Grey Lavender Gin)
- Venice (Campari Pineapple Gin)
- Shanghai (Peach Chamomile Gin)
- Santorini (Pear Elderflower Gin)

Please note that items in the cheesebox are subject to availability due to seasonality. Kiki's Reserve reserves the right to substitute unavailable items for items of equivalent value.

If you would like to leave a message for your friend, you can do it right before you check out (Section: Leave a note with your order).

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